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Grow valuable traffic and conversions from your website. Get a bigger share of business through more accountable, creative and targeted marketing. It’s called performance marketing. It’s the Wizards’ obsession.

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*Wizard Note: Actual growth results in less than 3 months for a client [with an existing eCommerce website] using Google Ads and Facebook/Instagram re-marketing ads created, designed and managed by the Wizards.


It's part of our Wizard's code. We are obsessed by only ONE THING....Your business growth and success.

It's part of our Wizard's code. We are obsessed by only
ONE THING....Your business growth and success.

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websites that drive business.
no mystery, no smoke and mirrors.

always BE open for business.
leads, enquiries, online sales or a lasting impression...

…Your Website should be working hard for your business 24/7…

…constantly welcoming users, encouraging leads, making sales or leaving a lasting impression…

…and we will be as obsessed as you are in achieving the KPI’s that drive growth for your business.

Proper Websites

Professional eCommerce or Lead Generating Websites powered by industry leading platforms such as Shopify & WORDPRESS ...

  • Built by a team of professionals that has built ‘000’s of Lead Gen and eComm sites around the world.
  • Full eCommerce function via WordPress/Woo Commerce or Shopify.
  • Set up or integration to your payment gateway
  • Monthly Reporting, so you know what’s going on.
  • Unlimited Monthly Changes, keeping your site fresh
  • Google My Business Listing Integration and Set-up
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Expert Copywriting
  • Full On-site SEO Setup for Google search performance.
  • Professional, stylish and business focused designs.
  • Google Analytics Setup and Integration for performance visibility
  • Easy Monthly Payment Plans, with monthly performance reports
  • Weekly Account Management with dedicated UK based experts.

Great Google Ads

Google SEARCH and SHOPPING Ad campaigns to drive 'CONVERTING' traffic to your new website...

  • Full Keyword and Search term analysis of competitors and market. 
  • Expert Ad copywriting and setup
  • AI Driven Creation, Dynamic Ad Serving and Effective Auction Management of Google Ads via Industry leading software.
  • Bid and Budget Management
  • A/B Ad testing
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Account Management
  • Weekly Reporting


stop messing about with social and truly get a grip and harness the power of spellbinding social ads.

  • We only do the ones that really drive business: Facebook and Instagram. 
  • We start with proper targeting. understanding WHO is a pretty key place to start.
  • Geo targeting next, Understanding WHERE these people are is a must have.  
  • WHAT Interests and Behaviours, yep we want to use those to align your proposition. 
  • Then we can grow Look-a-Like audiences from the data from interaction and engagement. 
  • Retarget people that have been on your website, and whatever they have done when they where there.
  • Super-Scheduling; Time of Day, Day of Week, Week of Month scheduling…Right person, right place, right time, right ad = right result. 
  • A/B testing with multiple ad creatives
  • Video, Image and Carousel ads all included. 
  • Account Management
  • Weekly Reporting

Who are the Wizards?

Formed in 2020, we are an ‘experienced’ group of traditional turned digital marketing professionals that are applying years of experience in marketing to the ‘performance’ based digital marketing platforms and building fit-for-purpose websites for local and regional clients.

Our principle is to ‘draw the curtain back’ on the mystery that can sometimes cover the reality and simplicity of digital performance marketing. Powered by our amazing Digital Delivery team, we are disrupting the tired agency model of smoke and mirrors, we are shedding light on the dark-art old school practices, we are casting out the stupid high-fees and applying a visibility cloak over a once invisible process, to make professional and successful digital online marketing accessible to SME’s / SMB’s and more efficiency to larger enterprises.

Michael Dobson

30 years in advertising and marketing from traditional Press, Agency, Commercial Radio with Executive Team and Senior Leadership positions held at UTV and then News UK,  and the founder of the Marketing Wizards Digital Agency in 2020, based in West Yorkshire covering Yorkshire and the Northwest.

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Ian Trotter

Over 30 years in advertising and marketing covering Press, Radio, Out of Home and  Agency as well as Senior Management Positions in some of the UK’s biggest radio groups and now a founding partner of the Marketing Wizards based in the Northeast of England.

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Sean Tighe

Over 25 years in advertising and marketing, predominantly in the Commercial Radio sector specialising in Events, Sponsorship and Promotions along with senior-level leadership and management roles and a founding partner of the Marketing Wizards based in South Wales.

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There are a few key things to consider. But the headline is, that if your business has a product or service that people are buying from you and having a good experience with your company, then YES you can grow your business online through a solid, creative and well planned online programme of marketing. The key to growing your business online is really simple. More traffic to your site, better quality traffic to your site and consistent conversion improvement. 

This has to be your number one focus. The world has been changing slowly to a digital first approach to business. Now, after the events of 2020, being Digital First is vital for ANY size of business. If you cannot sell or generate leads from your website, then you are way behind the curve. We have all the insight and knowledge to help you drive visitors to your website both organically by transforming your website SEO (Search Engine Optimisation, which is basically your website’s visibility when people search online for what you sell) and from paid ads online. These two approaches, when working together, are the most powerful way to grow your business from an online perspective. 

Great question and one you absolutely should be asking. Right now, your website should be one of the best performing sales or lead generation channels you own as a business. No matter what you sell.

We will do a few Wizardry pieces of insight, up front, and tell you whether there is scope to generate more leads or sales from your website. Once we get a full view of what the traffic is like and what the conversion rates are we can give you the full Wizard’s opinion. In most cases your website could perform better, for your business, than it is today. 

Google Search, whether people like it or not, is the go-to place when people search for anything. Google currently have a ‘market share of search volumes’ well over 70%, and with over 3.5 billion Google searches per day, you get to understand what a powerful platform it is. Getting a deeper understanding of how each of your website pages performs from an organic perspective, when anyone searches for what you sell, is critical for business success. 

The power of search ads can transform businesses too. It’s a healthy mix of art and science though and using the depth of the Google platform and other online tools can really deliver superb results. The right ad, displayed at the right time, to the right person, at the right price are all the key metrics to a successful and profitable Google Search (and Shopping) campaign. Sounds simple? It’s easy for Wizards. 

Google Ads (display) is another very powerful way to reach people online. In ad safe environments, a well designed, well written and well targeted ad can achieve great ‘Branding’ and ‘Call-To-Action’ (CTA) impacts and impressions. Remember the Wizards Mix though…A bit of art and a bit of science is the key to success.  The right and most powerful message for your brand, business or offer…Delivered to the right audience, in the right environment, at the right time…magic!

Social media ads only work well if the campaigns have been set up correctly from a targeting perspective. It’s like any form of marketing, if the right audience see the right ad, at the right time and they see it enough times, then you should see success. Whether it’s brand building, Lead Generation, Website visits or to grow a community online, Social Media is just a platform, on which to reach an audience. What you say to that audience and HOW you say it…well, it’s that mix of Art (Creativity) and Science (Data and Targeting) again…

Someone told one of the Wizards once that there are as many restaurants to choose from as there are Digital Marketing Agencies. Might be right that. But, you know what?, you can probably trust many of the decent agencies that are around, in the same way you can have a good meal at a lot of different restaurants. You have to go with what you fancy…Our menu (which is different to some) is always rammed with Wizard’s Specials and is designed to always be delivering our ‘guests’ with a massive plate of lovely leads, satisfying sales and gorgeous growth.

Well, we do. For sure. Absolutely. We are Wizards and the outcome of our spells and potions are what we live for. We’ve been around a while too (what is the average age of a Wizard? Pretty old right?).  We are wise, Wizard-ing types and our principles are rooted in the age-old marketing traditions but applied through the young-bucks, the digital whizz-kids. We guide them, as the ‘Wise Ones’, and the mix is incredible. The results speak for themselves.  

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